Positive COVID-19 tests continued rising over the weekend and most alarming, so did hospitalizations in Herkimer and Oneida Counties. There were also new fatalities.

Oneida County

Three people died of COVID-19 over the weekend, according to the Oneida County Department of Health. That brings the total deaths in the county since the start of the pandemic to 147.

As of noon on Sunday, 78 county residents are hospitalized due to the virus, 56 at MVHS, 17 at Rome Memorial and five patients outside the county. 18 of those hospitalizations are nursing home residents.

Active positive cases are also at an all-time high in Oneida County with 1,483 active cases as of Sunday. That's over one thousand active cases higher than the peak from the first wave which was 401 back on June 1st.

There were 185 positive cases added to the County's tally on Friday, and two more people died from the virus.

Herkimer County

Herkimer County is also seeing all-time highs as the second wave of the virus continues to spread. There were 53 new positive cases in the county since Saturday. Herkimer County now has 236 active positive cases and eight residents are hospitalized.

Here are the Oneida County COVID-19 case numbers as of midnight on Saturday, Nov. 28.

  • 113 new positive cases, 4,844* total. (*Upon further investigation, 2 positive cases were removed from the previous total.  2 are nursing home residents.)
  • 1,483 active positive cases.
  • 2 new COVID-19-related deaths, 147 total.
  • 73 patients are hospitalized in Oneida County.  56 at MVHS.  17 at Rome Memorial.
  • 18 are nursing home residents.
  • 5 patients are hospitalized out of county.
  • 3,214 positive cases have been resolved.
  • Total negative results not updated by NYS DOH as of 4 p.m.
  • Total tests conducted not updated by NYS DOH as of 4 p.m.
  • 1,483 in mandatory isolation.
  • 1,132 in mandatory quarantine.

Here are the Herkimer County COVID-19 case numbers as of 12 noon on Sunday, Nov. 29.

Total New Positive Cases as of Today:
53.  (33 from Saturday, 20 from Sunday)
Total Lab Confirmed Positive Covid -19 test results: (From 3/13/20)
Total Active Positive Covid -19 Patients:
Total Hospitalized:
Total number recovered:
Covid Deaths:
Negative Covid-19 test results:
Mandatory Quarantine (with public health orders):
Released from Mandatory Quarantine:
Precautionary Quarantine:​
Released from Precautionary Quarantine today:​

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