You think there are some odd people looking to hook up on Tinder?

A 62-year-old man appearing on the Turkish dating show 'Luck of the Draw' admitted he killed his wife and then later his mistress.

Good for him -- get the baggage out of the way before your new relationship heats up.

You can see his admission in the video above, but it's in Turkish. Man, do we regret taking French in high school now.

To be fair, he did say he's now an "honest person looking for a new wife." So, that should make up for the whole killing thing, right?

Sefer Calinak says he married his first wife -- who just so happened to be his cousin -- when they were 17, but things went south after living with his family for a few months:

Her behavior changed. The nephew of the man who wanted to marry her started to come to our village. I was jealous and I killed her, in a way."

He was released from jail after serving nearly five years of a 13-year sentence and being the charmer he is he got married again. Eventually, he and his missus separated and he began an affair with another married woman who never followed through on a promise to leave her husband.

Calinak and the mistress got into a fight and he claims he was defending himself with an ax in what turned out to be a fatal encounter:

I killed her after she tried to kill me. She was accidentally killed when I swung the ax."

In all honesty, it does sound like she was wrong. It's not like a guy swinging an ax is looking for trouble. He was sentenced to six years in jail, but released early because why the heck not?

After Calinak came clean, the host of 'Luck of the Draw' asked him to leave the set, but he merely claimed bad luck was on his side and he's still looking to settle down. Even convicted murderers have a need for companionship, you know.

Maybe it's us, but don't you get the feeling that somewhere, someone told O.J. Simpson this story and when it was finished, he said, "Yeah? And?"

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