First it was the taxi cabs, then it was a call for county term limits. Now, Oneida County Legislator Dave Gordon wants to change the name of Rome's Griffiss International Airport.

Gordon says he wants to see Griffiss' name changed to the Utica-Rome Metropolitan Airport at Griffiss International, in an effort to "tie the two major cites together."

Of course, the Griffiss portion of the name will survive the changes.

"Obviously the historic and economic significance of Griffiss Air Force Base must be highlighted," Gordon said. "Maintaining the Griffiss name within the airport's nomenclature is absolutely necessary."

The Democrat also noted that because the two cities are already linked together by the Route 49 corridor, "this legislation will tie it all up in a neat package for our visitors."

If approved by the Chairman of the Board and sent to the appropriate committees, it could be introduced during the Board's May 8th meeting.