There must have been some sort of electrical short on the lighting system along Route 5 this week. I captured this quick video of the lights blinking on and off almost like they were a disco set up.

I have traveled over the Skyway every morning for years and have never seen anything like this. I couldn't pass the opportunity to get a video.

The lights almost seemed to go on and off to the music that I had on my commute. The Skyway and I have a love-hate relationship. It is so much more convenient to travel from Hamburg to Buffalo with that bridge. However, I am not a big fan of heights so I just focus on the road or the cars in front of me. Going home I take the 190 to the Thruway and then the 219. WIMP!

But Thursday, even I had to slow down a bit and look at the blinking lights of the Skyway. It had to look pretty cool from a distance. If you were out on a boat on Lake Erie you would have seen a pretty spectacular light show.


New York State has a new baby giraffe! The staff at The Seneca Park Zoo have announced the baby giraffe has also been named for a famous Buffalo resident.

The calf has been named Olmstead, or Olmy for short, after Frederick Law Olmstead who was the designer of Seneca Park. Olmstead currently weighs 185 pounds and is roughly six-feet tall.

According to

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822–1903), America’s first and greatest landscape architect, designed a system of parks and parkways in Buffalo that was the first of its kind in the nation and represents one of his largest bodies of work. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the system consists of six major parks, their connecting parkways and circles, and several smaller spaces.

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