"These two dogs did not deserve what happened to them. They were both very lovable... they were more like my children."

That was Samuel Abbott, whose dogs were shot and killed last week in Whitestown and whose killer is still unknown.

Abbott, who is on disability, lost his dogs on February 18th and had to identify them two days later. He says his heart was broken seeing them lying there.

"This may sound crazy, but this has effected me more than when my mother died," Abbott said. "I actually believe I was closer to these puppies. It's the only thing I had in my life that I loved."

The dogs, Tupac and Shakur, were a little more than a year old when they were found on February 20th. Both were shot in the head.

"Being so poor, being on disability and trying to pay the mortgage on my hosue and everything, I couldn't afford to bury them and I had to leave them there," Abbott said, with emotion creeping in. "Fortunately, I talked to Steven-Swan and they told me to go get them and bring them in, so they could cremate them for me."

Officials with the Whitestown Police Department say they heard gunshots early Wednesday morning, but have been unable to find the culprit. Abbott says he has no idea who would do it.

"Anybody that could be that cruel to two lovable little puppies, would do that same thing to a human being if they got the chance," Abbott said. "I have no doubt in my mind, they're just evil people."

Anyone with information is urged to call Whitestown Police.