TikToker Kate Ross has amassed millions of views for her videos comparing celebrities to food and animals.

Each video is captioned "In my brain everyone is a food and an animal," with trending sounds and songs used as background music.

Ross has featured everyone from JLo and Björk to fictional characters like Aquamarine from the 2000s movie of the same name and Tiana from Disney's animated The Princess and the Frog.

Her scarily accurate assessments have garnered thousands of views per video, with some in the millions, like the one focused on Emily Ratajkowski.

In that video, Ross decides Ratajkowski is a blood orange and a gazelle.

The series is addicting, since each video is 15 seconds or less, and it makes for an easy rabbit hole to go down on TikTok. Ross has been posting the videos since late March of this year, beginning with Danny DeVito, whom she dubbed a meatball and a pug.

And she hasn't lost any steam since then, with weekly videos of celebrity-food-animal combos and viewer requests via comment.

Ross even began a spin-off series where she chooses one commenter each Friday and gives them a food and an animal for "Followers Day."

The more videos you watch of the phenomenon, the easier it is to get skeptical that each successive video will fail to amaze you, but fascinatingly, Ross' streak has yet to fizzle.

For example, she's given Winona Ryder chocolate covered raisins and a deer, Dove Cameron cacio e pepe and an arctic fox, and the hyper-specific Baskin Robbins' daiquiri ice and a puffin for Björk.

On the Dove Cameron video, she even elaborated, "If the cacio was made with angel hair pasta it would be a perfect fit."

A commenter named Amelia noted on the JLo video, which was posted on July 31, four months to the day since the first video, "I’ve agreed [with] every single one so far."


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