Washington, D.C. (WIBX) - Although Congress won’t vote on the Farm Bill until next year, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced today a six point plan to assist farmers both across the state and country.

Among the senator’s priorities are to create a new Dairy Pricing Plan, reduce the amount of food deserts by providing more markets to communities in need and to make lending for farms more functional.

“While we’re still reeling from the worst economic crisis since the great depression, this makes no sense and it should be changed,” Gillibrand said. “I will work to end term limits for all FSA loans, an effort that could help 4, 000 farmers and ranchers keep the financing they need to stay in business.”

The senator is also pushing for crop insurance on fruits and vegetables that would pay farmers adequately for any damages due to natural disasters.

New York ranks second in specialty crop production, shipping nearly 40 million tons, worth more than 730 million dollars.