Despite the fact that 'Glee's somewhat awkward scheduling has left another hiatus from December 13's "Glee, Actually" all the way to January 24 premiere "Sadie Hawkins," FOX couldn't be more pleased with the series. And while last year's graduation plotlines led to a crossroads that saw the fourth season divided between New York and Ohio, is FOX already about to cue up additional seasons? New reports suggest 'Glee' might be granted a return ahead of schedule, but for how many new seasons?

'Glee' had plenty of challenges to face in its fourth year, dividing story-lines between its Ohio origins and characters in New York, as well as interchanging characters new and old, but FOX might be ready to give the new format an early vote of confidence. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly said of an early renewal "Yes, that is a real possibility; we're going to negotiate now for the fifth season and beyond, so we're talking about those things now.

To its advantage, an early renewal of 'Glee' ahead of FOX's May upfront presentation would allow Oxygen's reality competition 'The Glee Project' to return for a third season as well.

However, the graduation issue that saw 'Glee' morphing into its current incarnation will again plague the series this year, bringing into question the future of stars Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Heather Morris and others. When asked about evolving 'Glee's New York plots into their own spin-off as originally intended, Reilly said:

I have to talk to Ryan and see where he's at right now; I don't know, I wonder could it and should it naturally move there but we have to talk about it.

[Season 4] was ultimately what became of the spinoff talk: Let's do it within the franchise. I do think if we can continue to follow a broad array of characters, it's like life, you have relationships, you have friends, they go off, their lives go on and you get together and maybe you maintain a friendship, maybe you lose distance. I think we can do that within this world of people you followed.

Reilly was sure to note that FOX was pleased with the split direction the show had taken, and the liberty it afforded its cast members, but what say you? Would you want to see 'Glee' given an early season 5 renewal to keep up its hybrid narrative? Would you rather the show stick with one location? Check out a clip from 'Glee's January 24 return below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!