Washington, DC (WIBX) - Congressman Richard Hanna was sworn in to the 112th Congress as one of the new members in the House of Representatives. Hanna said although he's run twice, it's never been about the circumstance of being elected.

He said, "For me that means being part of the rebirth of Upstate New York  and getting this country on the right path, and seeing to it that we establish policies and programs that help grow our economy and reduce our debts and shrink government, and all those things that have almost become cliches but for me, there not--they're real and that's what I want to work on."

Hanna who was on his way to take part in procedural votes during his interview with WIBX said he's looking forward to meeting his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and added that his office is fully established in the District and in Washington, and the work has already started.