If you have walked outside over the past 48 hours, then you have noticed the significant different in air quality.

Wednesday has been worse than Tuesday, as smoke from Canadian wildfires has made its way into the United States, including New York state. New York is among the worst areas for the smoke, outside of Canada itself.

There's an Air Quality Health Advisory through at least today, as the smoke has created a haze that is blocking out any sunshine in New York. It was supposed to be sunny on Tuesday and Wednesday, but you could not notice due to the smoke covering the sky.

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The worst of the state is New York City. That's because of the already diluted air coupled with the awful wildfire smoke. It's making the air quality absolutely horrible.

Colin McCarthy on Twitter says that New York City now has the worst air quality of any city on earth. In fact, if you were to spend 24 hours outside, it would be the equivalent of smoking six cigarettes...

The Canadian wildfires coupled with the wind direction is causing this. Hopefully that wind direction changes by Friday and Saturday, but it appears that Thursday will be just as bad as Wednesday. Mid-morning to mid-afternoon looks to be the worst of it for Western and Central New York on Thursday.

If you have breathing problems, allergies or sensitivity to smoke, stay indoors for the time being. Even just a little bit outdoors can irritate eyes, sinuses and cause headaches.

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