These days, I pretty much assume every eye-catching image on the internet is AI-generated. So, when I saw photos of a dolphin-shaped houseplant, I thought, "Nice try, robots!"

But guess what? Color me surprised because there are actually houseplants shaped like everyone's favorite fun-loving (most of the time) ocean-dweller.

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String of Dolphins Houseplant
A healthy Senecio peregrinus plant resembles a pod of dolphins on the move. (Walmart)

Meet the Amazing String of Dolphins Succulent

The String of Dolphins plant, known scientifically as Senecio peregrinus, closely resembles a pod of leaping dolphins. It is actually a hybrid of the more common String of Pearls and the Candle Plant, which I have never heard of.

The succulent family often mimics other objects in nature. For instance, the Lithops species disguises itself as rocks to avoid predators.

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Lithops Succulent Looks Like Pebbles
Lithops succulents look like stones so they do get eaten by predators. (Getty Images)

While the String of Dolphins may not resemble its namesake on porpoise (sorry, purpose), its charm likely encourages careful care by its human friends, potentially contributing to its longevity—a smart strategy, indeed.

Is the String of Dolphins Easy to Care For?

String of Dolphins succulents thrive in bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate some direct sunlight. According to plant-care experts at The Spruce, use well-draining succulent/cactus mix, water only when the soil has completely dried, and feed lightly, no more than once a month during the growing season.

And yes, that means feed it plant food, not fish—though you probably guessed that already.

String of Dolphins Care
Like most succulents, Senecio peregrinus can be a bit temperamental. (Getty Images)

Where Can I Buy String of Dolphins Succulents

String of Dolphins is readily available at many garden centers, and if you are unable to find it in person, check their websites. Home Depot offers a hanging version of the plant for a pretty reasonable price. They are also quite a popular item on Etsy.

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