Talk about bad timing. A popular beach in Central New York is closed until further notice right in the middle of a heat wave.

Swimming has been banned at Oneida Shores Beach in Cicero, New York's largest inland lake. High levels of E.coli bacteria in the water is to blame.

What caused all that bacteria? The Onondaga County Health Department says it could be several factors. "Land uses in the watershed, stormwater runoff, naturally occurring sand or soil bacteria, or other factors."

Credit - Think Stock/Canva
Credit - Think Stock/Canva

Daily Testing

Most E. coli are harmless or can cause brief diarrhea. However, some varieties of the bacteria will cause gastrointestinal illness.

The Onondaga County Health Department plans to monitor the water every day and once the bacteria reaches acceptable levels the beach will reopen and swimming will once again be allowed.

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Credit - Think Stock/Canva
Credit - Think Stock/Canva

Alternative Beach & Swimming Options in CNY

You can still take advantage of everything else Oneida Shores has to offer. It's just the beach and swimming that will be closed.

If you need to get in the water to cool off during the heat wave hitting Central New York, you're encouraged to use Jamesville Beach as an alternative until Oneida Shores Beach reopens.

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