So. The lights in my kitchen are still flickering in the morning before I go to work.  They still don't flicker any other time of day. It's still weird. And I still don't feel any closer to having any sort of resolution about it.

As I mentioned in part 1, Dad and I had a deal. If the idea is that

Death ends a life, not a relationship...

-Mitch Albom

Why don't I feel any closer to continuing a relationship with my dad than I did when he first transitioned? What do the flickering lights even mean? I've asked my more intuitive friends their thoughts on the potential paranormal activity in my kitchen and what I should do. I have tried what they've suggested. For example,

My friend Jerrilynne suggested that I sit in meditation in the kitchen, under the area where the light is flickering. I tried it. It felt weird and I didn't feel like there was any meaningful connection.


My other friend Dave suggested that when the lights flicker, I ask my dad to connect with me another way because the lights aren't resonating with me. I tried that too. The lights doth flickered extra much after my ask.


My other, other friend Daoud (who, btw, my Dad contacted when he first passed to give me a message--serious) told me point blank that I should just talk to my dad like I would if he was standing in front of me. To ask him how he is and what it's like on the "other side". I tried that too. And then the lights STOPPED flickering all together.  True to form, my dad has jokes.


Maria Kliavkoff, my other, other, friend and founder of Healthy Mourning told me (when I interviewed her for Best Morning):

The grief journey is asking us to find where the relationship is when I say to you...the meaning that you give those lights flickering--that's what's going to inform you on this journey that you're on.

I guess.

To be honest, when the lights first started flickering, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Now, I actually look forward to turning on the kitchen light, saying "Hey Dad" while I make my morning juice and pack my breakfast for work. I don't know how I'll feel if the flickering stops before I figure out what it means and how to connect with Dad another way. If he's keeping his end of our deal, what do I have to do to keep mine?

Have you ever been contacted by a loved one from beyond "the grave"? What did you do?

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