What was once seen as a fantasy of science fiction has become reality. Aerial vehicles flown without pilots, and other programmable machines, have advanced by leaps and bounds in the past ten years alone.

Robots can be used for a number of tasks and purposes, like manufacturing, transport, surgery, and production. New York residents can readily purchase a drone or other robotic device, from companies such as Boston Dynamics, simply through the internet or other means.

Boston Dynamics/YouTube
Boston Dynamics/YouTube

However, some New York state lawmakers are concerned with how some of these machines are equipped or modified. Recently, Wired reported that the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog was available for purchase. These politicians are worried that these machines could easily be mounted with guns or with something that could release chemical agents, according to CBS.

New York State Politicians Work With Robotics Manufacturers to Ban Weapons on Drones and Robots

CBS reports that New York Assemblyman Clyde Vanel and State Senator Jeremy Cooney have introduced legislation that would "make it illegal to manufacture, sell, and use robots with mounted weapons."

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Boston Dynamics, the well-known engineering and robotics design company, even told CBS Albany that they worked with both lawmakers to help draft the bill. Currently, Boston Dynamics bans users in its licensing agreement from weaponizing their machinery.

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As of now, it is legal in New York state for people or companies to put weapons on robots or drones, according to Assemblyman Vanel.

The proposal would make some exceptions, such as the U.S. Defense Department and its contractors, as well as law enforcement agencies - if they have a warrant to enter private property with a robot.

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