This lunar event takes place only every 20 years or so but here in Albany we will get a very nice view of the Strawberry Moon.

Are you a science geek like I am? Even if you're not there is a good chance you like to see rare things happen because - well - you don't get to see them every day. That's what makes it so special when we do get to see them.

So far 2024 has given us some really great rare events from seeing the Northern Lights to the lunar eclipse to the June full moon which is known as the strawberry moon.

This Strawberry Moon only comes around once every 18-20 years according to time and date so if you miss it the next chance you get here in the Capital Region will be around 2040.

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Why do they call it a Strawberry Moon?

The name is Native American in origin and has to do with the moon rising and the wild strawberries ripening for the summer.

From Live Science:

The Celtic names for the June full moon are Horse Moon, Dyan Moon and Rose Moon, while other English names include Flower Moon, Planting Moon and Mead Moon.

For us here in New York the best time for viewing the rare moon will be Friday night at 9:07pm. Now depending on your location around the world, you may not get a glimpse at this moon in 2024 but you could for 2025 and beyond. That's why it is so rare to see it.

Good news - you won't need any special glasses for this one and there is no fear of going blind.

Before you go all bananas on me, yes, we get a full moon every June. However it's only 20 or so years when it matches up with the summer solstice bringing up this beautiful view.

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