How was your Father's Day weekend? Hopefully you enjoyed time with the family, ate some delicious food and basked in the fantastic weather that blanketed New York State Saturday and Sunday. I was fortunate enough to experience all of that AND spend time with a black bear.

Watch the video below of a young black bear wrestling with a garbage can. Which will win? Bear or can? I stayed safely in the car and zoomed in for your viewing pleasure.

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) there are more than 6,000 black bears in areas open to hunting in New York State. The majority of those bears spend their time in the Adirondacks.

The young bear, that my son and I encountered on Father's Day, was attempting to access a garbage can for food. This bear was so focused on the task at paw that it was not bothered by our presence. Watch this video to see if the bear got the food or not.

The video ends before the wrestling match was over. I can tell you that the bear left without getting the garbage can open. It appears that this homeowner must have had bear visitors before and decided to go with the bear tough cans.

The NYS DEC reports that bears learn from experience. If an activity results in food, they will repeat that activity. If an encounter with a human doesn't result in a reward (food), they will not have any reason to have contact with humans.

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