Surprisingly, a lot of people have asked this question. I'm not afraid to say I'm no expert when it comes to things in the kitchen. I usually mess up most food related tasks and need to triple check before I do anything with food. However, I thought I was spot on about something and it turns out I could be even worse in the kitchen then I thought.

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What happened?

I've been trying to eat healthier these days and I've been making fruit smoothies for a snack. I looked up some recipes online and I noticed that most of them involve almond milk. I bought a small carton of it, grabbed some fruits and thought I was ready to go. I made my first shake and it surprisingly turned out pretty decent, but then it seemed like I did something wrong.

One of my friends stopped by and was horrified that I had my almond milk in the fridge. She did not get off the subject and kept pointing out that I don't need to put it in there. I explained to her how I used some of it and it's opened, but she kept saying " don't need to keep it in the fridge" (there might have been a few choice words in there too). I told her I thought she was wrong and we went back and fourth on it for a little bit until I just gave up.

Do you keep your almond milk in the fridge? Is it okay to NOT keep it in the fridge? Is it really that big of a deal either way? Please let me know on the station app.

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