Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Today we speak with John Zogby about the upcoming GOP debate, Andrew has a challenge for Bill, and we will try and Stump Rondenelli.

6 AM Hour

- The Mets continue their winning momentum and Jeff and Bill are loving it! We also talk about the upcoming GOP debate and how Donald Trump will do.

- We talk with Jessica Golloher about Israeli interrogation tactics and the interview didn't go according to plan. We also talk about a Hot Air Balloon that landed in Central New York.

- Le Moyne College is making a trip to Michigan to play an exhibition game against their former coach. Big Game hunting is now becoming more difficult because three of the major airlines have decided to prohibit the transport of the killed animals. Also, actress Amy Schumer came out in favor of stricter gun control laws after shooting at her movie.

- We try Donald Trump's phone number because Gawker released it to the world! We also talk about a psychic who went undercover to disprove them.

7 AM Hour

- Bill is concerned that he may have some memory loss because he couldn't tie his tie. We also talk about the St. Johnsville gun shop owner who will not sell guns to Muslims.

- We talk to John Zogby about the upcoming GOP debate and he gives his take on Donald Trump and how long his charade will last. We also talk to John about the negativity toward Muslims.

- We continue to discuss the St. Johnsville gun owner who is refusing to sell guns to Muslims. We take some calls on the situation.

- A woman in Russia experienced sever pain in her stomach for three years because of what? Ryan calls up with the correct answer and wins Carmella's and Holland Farms.

8 AM Hour

- We talk with Dr. Pam Smith about memory loss and a new study that links it to drinking too much coffee. We ask her about the possibility of sodas causing memory loss as well. We worry about Bill because of his inability to tie his tie.

- Bill also lets you know how you could die from Barbecuing and it may not be what you expect. We also talk to Simon Owen about the possibility of frisbee being added to the Summer Olympics.

- We give you some of the crazy stories making headlines including a stolen bronze elephant, a father who shot her daughter in the arm while teaching her gun safety, and Chris Christie taking a back seat to Donald Trump.

- We play our weekly contest, Stump Rondenelli, and Jim only gets stumped by 1 question.

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