Local author P.W. Creighton was born in California and has spent most of his life traveling all across the United States. His latest series of mystery novels is called "The North Shore" series and two of the three books are now available. The first of the three is called Bad Reputation and you can get it for free online!

P.W. Creighton gets much of his inspiration from his experiences of "strange reality." In addition to being a writer, Creighton is an Adventurer, Archaeologist, Photographer, Videographer, Tech-Geek, and Investigator. He is also a member of our Townsquare Media family. He is the founder of NY Shadow Chasers which is an organization that conducts paranormal investigations here in Central New York. He has even investigated our studios here in Marcy!

Bad Reputation


Once Upon A Time Covers[/caption]This novel is Creighton's 3rd overall. Here is the synopsis on Amazon:

The North Shore Sheriff's Department has a bit of a problem. Someone contacted the local radio station last night and left an alarming confession.

Logan and his friends may be gossiping about it but their only concern is getting through the last day of school before summer vacation. After all, tonight is the party of the year. No one wants to miss it.

But the weight of secrets will have a costly price…

You can download a FREE copy of Bad Reputation on Amazon. Here are some of the reviews:

"Another great series and I look forward to the next book in this sequel!"
-Pam Evans

"I read an enormous number of books, some I like well enough, some I can't even finish, a rare few I adore, and this was one of them."
-Book Junkie

The next book you can look forward to in "The North Shore" series is titled:

Sunglasses at Night


Once Upon A Time Covers[/caption]

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