A longtime veteran News 10 ABC news anchor and star of some TV commercials we've become familiar with here in the Capital Region has passed away and former colleague John Gray reflected on his remarkable life.

According to one of his former employers News 10 ABC, Dick Wood who anchored multiple newscasts from 1973-1991, has passed away at the age of 91.

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For some of you too young to remember Wood from his days on the news, you may remember him from some of the TV commercials he appeared in throughout the years.  Wood, according to the news station, was last seen publicly back in November of 2020 when a surprise drive-by 90th birthday celebration was thrown for him by family.

Longtime WNYT and New 10 ABC TV anchor John Gray reflected on Wood's life in a Facebook post on Friday, sharing a moment with his readers that he remembers vividly to this day.

Gray, who referred to Wood as a "larger than life" personality, says he grew up watching Dick Wood and Marci Elliot when they were a team on News 10 many years ago.  Gray wrote about a time when 40-years-ago, he asked Wood if he could interview him for a class he was taking at HVCC, and without emails back them he actually left Wood a message at the TV station.  Wood, he says, called him a few hours later.

Here's the rest of the story:

"Not only did Dick talk to me, he gave me a tour and didn't want to let me go, he was that kind to some kid he didn't know. He called a week later to ask what grade I got on the assignment and laughed when I told him I got an 'A'

I printed the interview in the college newspaper and sent him a copy and you'd think he just read an article from the NY Times, he was that excited about it." 
RIP to a local TV legend, Dick Wood 1930-2021


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