It's not everyday that you see a presidential protest in the Village of Ilion; but, that's exactly what happened on Friday in front of the Nice n Easy.

Representatives from the LaRouche political action group from Hackensack, New Jersey spent all day Friday on public property in front of the Nice n Easy convenience store in the village, asking curious passers-by to sign their petition to impeach President Obama.

"He's a criminal," said Scott Mooney of the LaRouche PAC.  "He's declared war against the people of the United States and we won't stop until he's impeached."

The protestors were asking people to sign their petition to impeach President Obama and

LaRouche Protest
(Photo by Bill Keeler/WIBX)

they asked for monetary donations to support their campaign.  A portable cart was set up with posters of the President donning a 'hitler mustache,' pamphlets and hand-outs and a petition to sign.

Members of the Ilion Police Department were at the scene Friday afternoon and said the two protestors had the right to be there.  He added that local business owners had expressed concern that the demonstration was impeding business.

One local resident, Jack Noll of Ilion, said he was speaking with the protestors when police told them that threats had been called in to the Ilion Police station.

"The officer said there were anonymous threats phoned in claiming someone was going to burn down the display if police didn't remove it," said Noll.  "He said Police told them they were just minutes away but that there was no way they could guarantee their safety if they chose to stay."

The Ilion location was selected at random, according to Mooney.  "We were just driving through and thought that this was a good location," he said.  He said the fact that the symbolic Remington Arms plant, America's oldest gunmaker, was next door was coincidental.

A call into the LaRouche headquarters in Hackensack, NJ confirmed the authenticity of the demonstration, claiming there are several of these protests set up across the country.