Utica, NY (WIBX) - More than 500 tickets were issued to motorists by State Police during the fifth round of "Operation Hang-Up." According to the New York State Thruway Authority and New York State Police Troop T, from April 11th until the 14th, motorists were fined for talking on cell phones without using a hands-free device.Those in violation of the law face a maximum fine of 100-dollars, plus a mandatory 60-dollar surcharge.Officials are also reminding drivers that it is illegal to text, be on the internet or play computer games while driving.

In a released statement, Thruway Authority Executive Director Michael R. Fleischer said, "Motorists need to be reminded that driving while using a cell phone, without a hands-free device, is not only hazardous, but also against the law. The Thruway Authority will continue to partner with Troop T to enforce this important State law. The message is clear: don't text and don't speak on your hand held cell phone while driving."

(Story By WIBX Intern Gino Gerruntino, Edited by Jeanette Lenoir)

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