It's one of the more uncomfortable social situations you can find: in public with a crying baby making it difficult for you to enjoy yourself.

Well, one person whose ski trip was ruined by a baby who screamed in its room next door took the parents to task in a vicious letter, which has gone viral. The person claims it was wrong to bring a baby along, since it can't ski and shows a lack of concern for others.

Dad on the Run

The baby's parents got a good helping of defense in an open letter, penned by the baby's uncle at Dad on the Run, in which the parents are lauded for being considerate, caring and hard-working people.

What do you think? Was it wrong to bring a baby to a ski resort? Should the parents have known better? Do the people who may have been kept awake by a screaming have a valid argument? And are there just some places babies should not be allowed to go?