On next Tuesday's ballot, New Yorkers will vote on Proposition 1 to expand casino gaming across the state.

If passed, casino gambling would no longer be restricted to Native American Land and 80% of tax revenue from casinos would go toward education aid and property tax relief.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced their support in favor of prop 1 today, saying New York would benefit from the additional tax revenue from expanded casino gaming.

The Proposition would expand casino gaming across New York State and Picente says that will bring with it thousands of new jobs as well as over $400 million in new tax revenue.

"In Oneida County we are in a unique position," Picente said. "We have casino gaming. We have a settlement agreement that will bring on average annually $15 million into Oneida County regardless of the outcome of this referendum. If this referendum passes, Oneida County sees an extra $4 million go directly to help school districts educate our children the best way they can."

Voting on Proposition 1 will take place on the November 5th ballot.