Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is calling for the reform of the practices of animal rescue facilities located in the County.

Picente says the call for reform is in direct response to the situation at the Road to Rescue facility on Broad Street in Utica.

“The situation that occurred recently at the animal rescue facility on Broad Street in Utica should never be allowed to happen again,” Picente said. “While the appropriate steps have been taken to improve that rescue’s conditions, and to find safe homes for the dogs being held there, more must be done. Oneida County must ensure that all animal rescue operations are providing a safe, sanitary and humane home for the animals they seek to help.

Picente will be putting together a group made of representatives from local animal rescues, shelters, public health and law enforcement.

He say the goal of the group is to provide input to the County Attorney's Office so they can craft a local law that defines what conditions must be met by animal resuce facilities moving forward.

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