Employees at Remington Arms in Ilion were told on Wednesday to prepare for a temporary work furlough, according to workers.  The news came during a company-wide meeting held at the plant earlier in the day.  "We don't know anything right now," one employee told WIBX. "We were told an official announcement with details will be coming in the next couple of days."

Remington's employee union president, Aaron LaVenture (United Mine Workers of America Local 717) later confirmed the furlough.

"We have no timeframe right now, just speculation," said LaVenture. (we) won't know until the end of this week, beginning of next," he said.

(by Bill Keeler/WIBX)
(by Bill Keeler/WIBX)

122 employees were laid off in March and another 55 workers were let go in September.  Employees today are using the word "furlough" following today's meeting. The company is

We have no timeframe right now, just speculation...

America's oldest gunmaker and Herkimer County's largest employer.  Remington started off 2017 with about 1100 employees.  Currently, just over 900 people work at the plant.  The previous work reductions have been blamed on a sagging gun market nationwide.

Furlough Versus Layoff

While no details are currently official, if this action by Remington is indeed a furlough as opposed to a layoff, it could mean different things for employees and the company. Under a furlough, the company could offer employees the opportunity to volunteer for the time off. Additionally, under a furlough, full-time benefits usually stay in place for an employee, whereas benefits are cut from an employee who is laid off. Another option for Remington, would be to impose a company-wide work stoppage which would mean all operations at the plant would shut down for a period of time and all employees would come back when work resumes. Employees reporting to WIBX today are saying the verbiage used at Wednesday's meeting was "work furlough."  Stay tuned for further details.

Listen to Bill Keeler's interview with union president, Aaron LaVenture in September following the last layoff announcement below:

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