Rialto, CA (WIBX) - The man who made famous the line "Can we all get along?" is dead at the age of 47.  The body of Rodney King was found in a swimming pool early this morning.

After receiving a 911 call from King's fiancee at about 5:25amPT, police pulled King from the pool and immedaitely began performing CPR to no avail.  He was brought to Arrowhead Hospital where he was pronounced dead about an hour later.  Police are still investigating but say that it is a "simple drowning."

The author, who was promoting his book "The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption," is best known for being the driver pulled from his vehicle by police after being stopped for speeding in 1991.   He was beaten by four officers who kicked, hit, and used stun guns on him.  The incident was caught on tape and sparked the 1992 Los Angeles riots, during which more than 3,000 people were injured and 50 people died.

One of the most memorable images from the riot was the apparently symbolic retaliatory beating of Reginald Denny who was pulled from his vehicle and beaten.  To this day Denny still suffers from his injuries.

In the aftermath of King's beating, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates retired and two of the officers involved in the beatings were sentenced to spend two and a half years in prison.

In one of his last interviews before his death King said, "America's been good to me after I paid the price and stayed alive through it all."

The March 3, 1991 video of King being beaten by police, taped by a bystander, can been seen in this Los Angeles Times post .