The pastor of a church in Rome is being investigated for abuse of a minor. Fr. Paul Angelicchio is the pastor of St. John the Baptist and Transfiguration parish, and the diocese announced that the decision was made as a result of an allegation of abuse that has surfaced after 27 years. reports that the diocese said its practice is to prohibit Angelicchio from functioning publicly as a priest until the matter is resolved. The allegation will be reviewed by professionals and the Diocesan Review Board. Fr. Angelicchio has served the diocese since the 1970s, and spent several years as the Syracuse police chaplain.

In a statement from the diocese spokeswoman Danielle Cummings said, "The allegation was first made to the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office who forwarded it to the diocese after their review. Please note that the allegation has not been substantiated." It was back in mid-November that Fr. Angelicchio notified parishioners he would be taking a leave of absence. The investigation is ongoing.

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