Six people are under arrest following a weekend brawl in West Utica.

Between seventy-five and 125 people were involved in a street fight that broke out at about 5:00 last night near Schuyler and Knox Streets.

Police described the scene as "very chaotic" and more fights were breaking out on the 800 blocks of McVean and Wager Streets.

Residents in the area said that the fights were the result of a dispute between two rival gangs.  Police returned to the scene of both fights several times following the initial calls.

Those arrested include:

  • Timothy Howard, age 22 of Cleveland Avenue in Utica
  • Anthony Howard, age 24 of Knox Street in Utica
  • Tyjuan Howard, age 20 of Knox Street in Utica
  • Tekeya Howard, age 19 of Knox Street in Utica
  • Dondre Mungo, age 17 of Oneida Street in Utica
  • DeAndre Brown, age 23 of Plant Street in Utica