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Binghamton University Student Okay After Abduction
A video seen on some national news broadcasts this week showing a young woman’s car being car-jacked at a gas station and the woman being forced into the vehicle records the December 30 ordeal of a 23-year-old Binghamton University graduate student.
Binghamton Mayor Meets with “Ice House” Owner
Mayor Richard David and city attorneys have met with the owner of a Binghamton bar where a 20-year-old student was viciously attacked during a robbery.
The mayor said a warning letter was sent to the owner of the Ice House, the West Side nightclub where the November 15 assault occurred...
Ice House on Binghamton Lockdown Notice
The City of Binghamton is threatening to lock down an events venue on the West Side where a Binghamton University student was critically injured and robbed on November 15th.
The Mayor’s office says a lockdown warning is to be sent to the Ice House on Charlotte Street, which is frequen…
Foundation In Place for Binghamton Tech Incubator
The foundation for the Southern Tier High Technology Incubator complex is being put into place in downtown Binghamton.
The $19 million project is being built on a site at Hawley and Carroll streets.
Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger expects the facility to open in 12 to 18 months...