boy scouts of america

Boy Scouts-Sex Abuse
The lawyers' ads on the internet aggressively seeking clients to file sexual abuse lawsuits give a taste of what lies ahead this year for the Boy Scouts of America: potentially the most fateful chapter in its 109-year history.
Girl Scouts vs Boy Scouts
The Girl Scouts of the United States of America filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on Monday against the Boy Scouts of America for dropping the word "boy" from its flagship program in an effort to attract girls.
Boy Scouts Struck
Boy Scouts are mourning a 12-year-old who was allegedly run over and killed by a drunken driver as he enjoyed a weekend hike with his troupe.
Autistic Man-Forest Survival
A man with autism relied on his Boy Scout skills to find drinkable water and stay safe while he was lost in New York's Adirondack woods for 50 hours during a heat wave, according to forest rangers and family members.
Boy Scouts-Name Change
For 108 years, the Boy Scouts of America's flagship program has been known simply as the Boy Scouts. With girls soon entering the ranks, the group says that iconic name will change.

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