It Turns out, Eating Black Licorice Really Can Kill You
When I was a kid my brothers and I had an aunt who would always tell her brother, my grandfather, not to eat black licorice. It can kill you, she would say. Guess what? She was right. Check out this story about a man who died because he ate too much black licorice.
Rare Classic Candy
One of the most delicious candy cups is undoubtedly the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but do you remember some of the classics from the Boyer Candy Company?
Beware of Listeria When Making Caramel Apples
This is the perfect time of year to make all sorts of savory treats with apples. One of the most delicious, but messy snacks is the caramel apple. These two flavor combinations are just amazing, but a recent study has shown that there is a potential danger when making these tasty treats.

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