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Local Author Needs Your Help to Bring His Creation to Life
Utica natives Dave Dellecese and Andrew Cieslinski have teamed up to bring your idea of childhood holiday icons to a whole new level. Dave tells the story through words and Andrew through his artwork of the bar that all the holiday celebs go to unwind after a long day at work! To get their story out…
The Best Comic Books Of 2014
The last twelve months offered comic book readers a wide variety of work ranging from the most crowd-pleasing superhero epics to the most idiosyncratic of indies, and the return of old favorites to the emergence of exciting new talent. It was a busy and productive year for the industry, and one wee&#…
Marvel’s Thor is Now a Woman
In news that will probably baffle comic book fans and normal people alike, it was revealed that Thor (yes, the Avenger) is no longer worthy of his title and will be replaced by a woman.

Yes, you are allowed to unleash a collective "What?!" right about now.