ComicCon Wraps With Virtual Announcements for 2020
COVID-19 restrictions didn't get in the way of COMIC-CON 2020 which moved to an at home format. Here are the biggest announcements from Comic-Con@Home 2020 as it just wrapped up.The event was filled with panels and announcements to keep fans engaged and entertained. Acc...
Marvel Studios Skipping Comic-Con 2015 Says ‘Guardians’ Director James Gunn
Nobody — and we mean nobody — does Comic-Con quite like Marvel. In 2006 Marvel Studios held their first ever Comic-Con panel (announcing the Captain America and Thor movies) and has returned every year since. They've ruled the roost with dynamic, exciting presentations that mix showmanship with big announcements. But, that's all about to change. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn confirmed last night that, for the first time in nine years, Marvel Studios is skipping Comic-Con.
Comic-Con 2014: Could Maisie Williams Star in ‘The Last of Us’ Movie?
In a surprise move, this year's Screen Gems Comic-Con panel turned most of its attentions and energies to a film without a cast, a director, or a script in place: the long-teased 'The Last of Us' feature film. The film was officially announced back in March, and producer Sam Raimi and video game creator Neil Druckmann (who is now officially on board to write the script for the film) popped up at this afternoon's panel to talk about the feature film as part of Screen Gems' future-leaning panel.
Comic-Con 2014: Freddie Prinze, Jr. On ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Hulk Hogan and Thundarr the Barbarian
The first thing you notice about Freddie Prinze Jr. is his almost manic ability to make analogies between almost any subject and professional wrestling. (And considering that Prinze has worked on and off for WWE over the last few years, this wasn't necessarily surprising.) Prinze is at San Diego Comic-Con in support of 'Star Wars Rebels,' the new animated series that takes place between 'Revenge of the Sith' and the original 'Star Wars.' Prinze plays Kanan, a Jedi who survived 'Revenge of the Sith' who hides his Jedi powers so as to not draw attention to himself.
Comic-Con 2014: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Reveals New Cast Members
'Game of Thrones' may not have any new footage to show us at Comic-Con 2014 (they haven't even started filming season 5 yet!), but they didn't show up empty-handed. The HBO series revealed the addition of a few new cast members for the upcoming season, which will see some of the action take place in Dorne, home of the late Prince Oberyn Martell.
Comic-Con 2014: The 7 Best Moments From ‘The Boxtrolls’ Panel
‘The Boxtrolls’ – which hit Hall H on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con -- is the third feature film from Laika, the stop motion animation studio that brought the world ‘Coraline’ and the wonderful ‘ParaNorman.’ Honestly, I cannot get enough of these movies, and Laika is quietly becoming the most unique animation studio working today. (Pixar’s last three films have been ‘Monsters University,’ ‘Brave,’ and ‘Cars 2,’ which is not exactly that studio’s best work. And, yes, I realize ‘Brave’ won an Oscar, but that was a travesty.) Anyway, here are our seven favorite moments from ‘The Boxtrolls’ Comic-Con panel.
Comic-Con 2014: ‘Godzilla 2′ Officially Announced; Three New Monsters Revealed
Perhaps this time we will let "our hero" Godzilla get some actual rest before dispatching him to battle the world's other major MUTOs? Is that too much to ask? We've known for months that Legendary is eager to stay in the 'Godzilla' business after the success of this summer's awesome Gareth Edwards' feature film -- after all, they did announce a sequel to the film within days of it hitting the big screen -- but there have been plenty of lingering questions as to when that would happen and who (or what) we could expect to see in the next feature.

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