Erin Hamlin Featured in Team USA Luge Promo Video
Erin Hamlin made history by becoming the first American to medal in the olympics for a singles event in the sport of luge. She is still a member of Team USA and continues to train every day. One of her latest projects with the team is a promotional video to bring awareness of what the sport of luge …
GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Puppy Ad Amidst Controversy
GoDaddy's Super Bowl puppy commercial isn't going over well. The company has pulled it from airing during the big game. The clip features a puppy who falls from the back of a truck. As soon as he finds his way home, he's shipped out again after being sold.
Budweiser's Puppy Returns in Super Bowl Ad Tease
Seattle isn't the only thing returning to the Super Bowl this year. Budweiser is bringing the puppy back, but he looks lost. Although you'll have to wait until February 1st to see the whole commercial, Anheuser-Busch has released a few teasers for their sequel to last year's 'Pup…
De Niro and DiCaprio Team Up For Martin Scorsese Commercial
You’d be surprised by how many beloved directors earn a little extra cash anonymously directing commercials, but when you hire the great Martin Scorsese to help sell your lavish new casino in Manilla Bay, Philippines, you end up with a full fledged Scorsese Picture. Which means that this is o…

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