Upstate New York Blogger Takes Tour of Utica Food and Drink [VIDEO]
Chris Clemens is the guy behind the popular blog "Exploring Upstate." Recently he and his friend, Chris Lindstrom, took a trip to Utica. It has been their desire for a long time to drive to the area and sample some of the most iconic dishes created and only served in Utica. Well, they finally did it and they were NOT disappointed.
The Top 5 Places To Get Halfmoons in the Greater Utica Area
One of the biggest debates in Central New York is who has the best halfmoons? Well, I have my own opinion, but I have to be impartial. So I took to Facebook seeking the most popular halfmoons around town and here is what the people said! After all with families coming together this holiday season, you want to make sure you have the best!