new york state electric and gas

Storm Damage & Flooding in Norwich
Emergency Services officials in Chenango County say motorists may find some lingering issues from flash flooding that resulted from a strong storm sweeping through the area August 1.
Copper Stolen From Utility Poles
City of Binghamton Police are sorting through just how much damage was done to five New York State Electric and Gas utility poles while copper from the fixtures was being stolen.
Authorities say the value of the metal is probably only a few hundred dollars but if the damage estimate for repairing the…
Goudey Substation Problems Blamed for Massive Outage
New York State Electric and Gas says this time it was equipment failure at AES Westover, formerly known as the Goudey Substation off Riverside Drive in Johnson City that cut power to some 7,400 customers just before 6 p.m. September 16, four days after more than 3,000 customers lost power in Jo…