Apple vs Government: It is the iMan, Not iPhone We Fear
We are a world comprised of hypocrites if we applaud the efforts of Anonymous to break into the Twitter accounts of terrorists but enrich the soil of Apple Inc.'s moral high ground when it comes to breaking into the telephone of one who allegedly terrorized a group of innocent, unsuspecting peo…
Stop Facebook From Tracking Other Online Activities
Have you noticed after searching something or shopping online, especially after putting something into a "cart," you start to see ads for that product on your Facebook news feed? You are not wrong in assuming that the social media site is tracking your online behavior to cater ads …
Cameras in Locker Rooms?
In a move that could give football fans unprecedented access — and nightmares of watching 300-pound men get undressed — the NFL will require all of its teams to install cameras in home locker rooms for the 2013 season.

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