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Top Excuses To Play Golf This Season
It's almost time for golf season (if only the weather realized it), and we have your ticket to ten area golf courses with the 'Seize The Deal Golf Card.' Just having this awesome discount card may not be enough though. In case your significant other doesn't appreciate golf as muc…
2015 Gold Card - 10 Courses For $50
Spring may be more like summer so far this year, but whatever season Mother Nature is giving us, it's perfect for golf.  And our 2015 Golf Card is here at the perfect time too.  Ten courses for $50, that's five bucks a round.
Save Hundreds of Dollars With Seize The Deal Auction
Ever buy anything on E-Bay?  Our Seize The Deal Auction is the same thing, but instead of dealing with an unknown person, you're transacting business with established and reputable Central New York Businesses. Save hundreds of dollars on home improvements, vacation getaways, sports memorab…
Seize the Deal Appetizer Card
A great appetizer sets the table for a great meal and with the Seize the Deal Appetizer Card, you can get free appetizers at 9 Central New York restaurants.

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