Irish Soda Bread Recipe For St. Pat's Day
With a name like McShea, you know that I'm a wee bit Irish. And one food item that I look forward to at St. Patrick's time is Irish Soda bread. If you've never had it, it's like a combination raisin bread-rye bread, but looks more like a muffin. What?
Pilgrim Myth-Busting
Thanksgiving is on record as being America’s second-favorite holiday (Christmas wins first prize, of course), so it makes sense that Thanksgiving lore is a part of our shared cultural history and something we start learning early in our lives. But it turns out a lot of what we think …
Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Traditionally, the turkey is the star of Thanksgiving. But a truly memorable, well-rounded, belt-loosening, nap-inducing meal features a stellar supporting cast as well.

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