Exclusive Hotel Utica Tour
Almost one year ago Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri announced that the sale of Hotel Utica was complete. The property was purchased by Andy Patel of Visions Hotel. The plans for renovation began immediately.
Teacher Student Fight Video
There's always a debate out there every year, usually around school budget time, that features some guy complaining that teachers salaries are too high.  That discussion should end right now as long as you take the time to watch this video...
Chicken Tender Delays Diamondbacks-Giants Game [VIDEO]
AT&T Park in San Francisco is the home of the Giants. It is also known for seagulls flying on the field during games. Thursday night's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks had to be halted in the 12th inning when a chicken tender fell from the sky and landed on the pitcher's mound…
Spider Hiding Spot
Are you afraid of spiders?
You might be surprised to learn about this hiding place for an arachnophobic's biggest fear.  This driver spotted a huge spider hiding under the door handle of his vehicle and caught it all on camera.
Watch the video:
Oneida on Tonight Show
Oneida, NY was mentioned on a recent episode of 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon. One of Fallon's regular bits on the show is a segment called "Screen Grabs" where Jimmy takes viewer submitted screen grabs and makes fun of them. Justin Acker of Oneida submitted a…

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