New Hartford, NY (WIBX) - Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney is taking on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.  She is asking her fellow legislators to call on him to resign, adding that "he needs to go and go now."

Silver has admitted to using more than $100,000 in taxpayer funds as hush money to keep the victims of alleged harassment by Assemblyman Vito Lopez quiet.

Now Governor Cuomo, along with others, is calling for an ethics investigation into the actions of Lopez and Silver, which many are deeming inappropriate at best and illegal at worst.

Tenney says Silver's conduct is "outrageous" and serves as an example as to why New Yorkers are so upset with the state government.

She added that Silver is an attorney and has been doing this long enough to know better by now.

Tenney is questioning allocations put through the Comptroller's office as reimbursements as well as jobs given to the alleged victims of Lopez in exchange for their silence.

During an interview with WIBX this morning Tenney pointed to the triumvirate of power in Albany.  "Talk about three men in a room.  You know, people claim that that's how Albany operates.  Here's one of the three men in the room.  If this were Dean Skelos, or anyone else, or me, for example, I would be probably removed from my job."

In a written statement Tenney reminds voters that Silver used taxpayer money in 2005 "to pay off another victim of sexual harassment by his political aide, Michael Boxley."

She echoes the beliefs of some who think that the Speaker's comments about this not happening again, because "next time (he) will go to the Ethics Committee," are cavalier, and thinks that there may be more wrongdoings about which the public is unaware.