Town of Camillus, (WIBX) - Following an inner-municipal agreement with Onondaga County, the Town of Camillus will no longer be responsible for plowing about 11 miles of county roads. Town of Camillus Supervisor, Mary Ann Coogan says the Town can no longer afford to plow the roads for the county. "Five towns after several meetings with the county have agreed to not plow them this year, because we're losing money on the deal," Coogan said.

She says Onondaga County is simply not paying for the service. "And, they are being reimbursed by the state when they do state roads and the bottom line is they're making money, and we don't want them making it off of us," she said. Coogan says the move will not cause a public safety issues because the County will take over the plowing duties until an agreement can be reached.

According to Coogan, the Town of Camillus is asking to be compensated $7,000 per mile. Right now, Onondaga County is paying $6,335 per mile for the service. Coogan says the issue rises to the level of negotiating a fair price because the state reimburses the County $10,000 per mile for the service. To be plowed? About 60 miles of county roads between five towns, that now fall under the responsibility of Onondaga County. Coogan says she remains hopeful an agreement will be reached between all parties. The five towns that voted to not plow county roads are, Camillus, DeWitt, Manlius, Clay and Attica.