A Utica native now residing in Dayton, Ohio is sharing some of the best eats of central New York with her new neighbors, and in the nationally distributed Taste of Home magazine.

Jackie Scanlan submitted her recipe for Chicken Riggies with Taste of Home, and they've shared it with their readers - although, Scanlan thinks they may have made a slight alteration.

''I actually like it hotter than what Taste of Home printed. I use more peppers but I think they scaled it back,'' Scanlan said.

She says the people in Dayton that have tried it and love it, but kinda laugh at the name because they didn't know what 'riggies' were.

They also enjoy some other CNY classics, she said:

  • Tomato pie
  • Turkey Joints
  • Greens
  • Pusties

If you don't know what a pustie is, a quick google search will take you to The Ridiculous Food Society of Central New York, will all the details on pusties.

WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning host Bill Keeler is also the man behind the television show Plate Night - which, he says, will soon do an episode on the creation of Chicken Riggies, so be sure to listening and watching for that!

Also, if you're familiar with the name Taste of Home, it may have something to do with our sister-station, Lite98.7, which hosts the amazingly popular Taste of Home Cooking Show event each November. Check out Lite987.com for details on that.

Full interview from WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning: