Being able to work from home is a popular employee perk. And according to a new poll conducted by online communications provider TeamViewer, some people want to telecommute so much that they’d be willing to sacrifice some rather unorthodox things just to do it.

The most extreme examples?

About 5 percent of people said they’d actually divorce their spouse in order to telecommute, and 12 percent said they’d be willing to forego daily showers to work at home.

But even the respondents who weren’t willing to be a smelly singleton were ready to give up some pretty significant things:

  • 34 percent would give up social media
  • 30 percent would give up texting
  • 29 percent would give up chocolate
  • 25 percent would give up their smart phone
  • 20 percent would give up shopping
  • 17 percent would give up a salary increase
  • 15 percent would give up half of their vacation days

“While [some of] the results of this survey may seem amusing, these findings show that telecommuting will be a force to be reckoned with in the future,” said Holger Felgner, general manager at TeamViewer.

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