The search continues for the person or persons who shot and killed two dogs near the CSX train tracks in Whitestown.

Sergeant Mark Sojea with Whitestown Police says the dogs were reported missing on February 18th by their owner Samuel Abbott, who lives in West Utica. They were were found two days later. One was shot in the head, the other was shot in the mouth.

"On February 20th, which would have been last Wednesday, during the day a CSX railroad worker reported finding two dogs on the train tracks," Sojea said. "One of the dogs was located on the eastbound train, the other one was in close proximity to it on the westbound side."

He says whoever killed the dogs brought them down to the area. An on-duty officer heard gunshots early Wednesday morning, but was unable to pinpoint where they came from. Sojea believes the shots were from this incident, and that a vehicle was also used during the shooting.

"Most likely, the car entered either from West Utica from where the Scooby Doo Dog Factory is, or from Mohawk Street in Whitesboro," Sojea said. "Maybe if someone saw it and looked out the window and saw a plate or a description of a vehicle... there was definitely a vehicle down there because there were tracks. The dogs were driven down there."

Sojea says anyone with information is asked to call Whitestown Police at (315) 736-1298. All calls will be kept confidential.

The culprit is likely to face several crimes, including animal cruelty.

In response to the animal cruelty case, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi has introduced legislation to change the designation of animal cruelty, making penalties for those convicted tougher.