As part of the WIBX Town Square Series attorney Jeffrey Reinhardt is advising the public that it is never too early to begin estate planning.  In fact, waiting until the need presents itself might be too late.

His firm, Radley and Reinhardt, specializes in estate planning and elder law.  Reinhardt has been specializing in elder law for more than twenty years, ever since he made a conscious decision to refocus his practice on the area.

He says that baby boomers have a different attitude about saving than their parents did, and many of them are now caught in battles because of failure to plan for what may been unanticipated life events.  Having a good income now, he says, is no guarantee of a decent retirement income.

The needs of the aging population are changing as life expectancies change.  A tumultuous economy has hampered the process and ability of people to plan for that proverbial "rainy day" because so many people are facing that day prematurely.

This is the first of a multi-part series for the Town Square Business Series.  If you would like more information on this topic please contact Jeff Reinhardt at (315) 894.8330 or click on the link above.