They may not have been neglected intentionally, but 19 dogs that were removed for a home in Oneida are recovering from the horrible conditions they were being raised in.

Melissa Jones, director of the Angels of Fur K-9 Rescue in Rome, says the pooches hadn't been let outside in a while and where living in their own feces. So much so, many have urine burns on their paws.

Jones says two of the dogs will be serious medical procedures, expected to a include an amputation.

It appears their 73-year-old caretaker wasn't trying to hurt them, Jones said, but says she was hoarding the pups.

''Don't get me wrong, hoarding cases are [cases of] abuse, not matter the way you look at it. These dogs have severe urine burns on the pads of their feet, they have holes and can't walk the right way,'' Jones said.

But, while joining WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday Jones said the woman who owned the dogs hasn't been charged, and didn't think she would be.

''Honestly, who wants to put a 73-year-old woman in jail.''