Is the increased production of greek yogurt in central New York helping or hurting local dairy farmers?

WUTR's Rachel Polansky is milking the issue in a  three-part series this week addressing how local dairy farmers aren't necessarily raking in profits because of increased greek yogurt production.

The issues comes down this - farmers get more money for selling fluid milk, for drinking, than they do for milk for other things, like yogurt.

Polansky says there are four classes:

  • Class 1 - fluid milk
  • Class 2 - ice cream and yogurt
  • Class 3 - cheese
  • Class 4 - butter and powder

The demand for fluid milk is decreasing, while the demand for Class 2 product is increasing. So while the demand for the product increases, it doesn't mean they're pulling in higher profit.

Farmers agree, Chobani is bringing in a lot of money to the area, but they're seeking a more fair pricing system for their milk, Polansky said.

WUTR's three part series will air on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

And, while you're pondering the plight of local farmer's, you say 'Thank You'. WIBX 950's sister station, Big Frog 104, has a Thank A Farmer campaign (click link for details).

Full Interview From WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning: