Host of America Now, Andy Dean will be leaving the radio airwaves of all affiliates - including WIBX 950 - after his August 8th show.

Affiliates were notified via email from his soon to be former syndicated network, Premiere, earlier this month.

Dean, whose real names is Andy Dean Litinsky, was believed to be an up and coming talent in the industry, bringing a young, fresh take that was intelligent, and often hilariously sarcastic. Dean also took a difference approach than Premiere's other staples (Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity), mixing weird news stories into current events discussions with his producer Miranda, and going to toe-to-toe with a frequent contributor to the show, whom he always insulted then introduced as attorney Justin 'Lean Left' Leto.

The snarky talker and entrepreneur was once a contestant on Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice', and became not only the youngest contestant the show had seen, but also the only to ever be re-hired by Trump to run his production company, according to Wikipedia. And, it's a business opportunity that is pulling him away from from radio. He tells InsideRadio he'll be focusing on a company he started,

“I started to help radio stations and hosts make more money, and the company has grown so fast, it is now expanding to all content creators,” Dean says.   ConnectPal allows a user to create a profile and set a price for people to see it.   Dean says it allows anyone to have a Glenn Beck-style subscription business without building their own infrastructure.  “The future of content creation will thrive with more paying subscribers, and there needs to be an open platform to connect providers with subscribers,” he says.
photo of Joe Pags via Premiere Radio Networks

Premiere officials have told affiliates that after 8/8/14, Joe Pags will serve as a fill-in host, with a permanent replacement to be announced after Labor Day.

Joe Pags is currently host of a Saturday afternoon syndicated talk show, also available via Premiere Radio Networks, called The Weekend (airing Saturdays from 1-4 p.m on WIBX 950 and